What The Cowboys Say

"There are years like this past year [2013] when I would be unable to compete if it wasn't for the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sports Medicine Team. A horse fell on me and I suffered a high ankle sprain. At every rodeo they taped me up. Even though it makes Tie Down Roping a challenge, it enabled me to still compete. If they were at every rodeo it would make our lives way easier and we could win more."

6 Time CFR Qualifier.

Steele Depaoli
Professional Tie Down Roper and Team Roper

Like any professional sport around the world, the athletes strive to compete at their best level. Rodeo is no different, and without the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team we would be a lot more bound and broken! I am surrounded by fellow contestants that use the team and our opinion of the team is always the same, we would be lost without them. If we could we would love to have them at every CPRA rodeo! Earlier this season I went down at Ponoka Stampede during the finals. Running speeds of up to 30 mph my horse fell down on the first barrel throwing me one way while he skidded 30ft the other direction. It was the wreck of the year in our event. I was diagnosed with a concussion, whiplash and my hips were displaced. I had a rodeo within the next few days and doctors releasing was not an option. The team was outstanding with the rehab process, extremely understanding and they got me out and back in the arena. It is so much easier when they are at the rodeos. They are so easily accessible and they always make time for you whether you're in the bareback riding or barrel racing. On behalf of myself and the barrel racers of the CPRA we are sincerely grateful to have access to such a uniquely knowledgable team. Thank you for all that you do.

2 time CFR Qualifier

Braidy Howes
Professional Barrel Racer

I have been a pro cowboy for 15 years over this time the Sport Medicine Team have helped me many times to recover from injuries. With out their help I would of been unable to compete and therefore have no income. The Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team is a very important group of dedicated individuals that have made a huge impact on rodeo and its participants.

CFR Champion, 12 time CFR qualifier.

Alwin Bouchard
Professional Tie-Down Roper

As a professional Bull Rider for over 15 year, words alone can't describe the trust, confidence, and necessity I have for the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team. Myself and other professional cowboys could not be competing at the highest level day in and day out with out there help and guidance. Sports Medicine is the true back bone of rodeo, with out them all of rodeo would be injured

2 time Canadian Bull Riding Champion 13 time CFR Qualifier

PBR Canadian Champion

Scott Schiffner
Professional Bull Rider