Past research

Over the past 25 years, researchers with the Canadian Pro Rodeo Sport Medicine Team have conducted insightful studies to enhance the well-being of rodeo athletes and the sport of rodeo. Our members are at the forefront of rodeo related research in Canada, and are proud to have their work published in many peer reviewed journals. These published works are linked below. 

Effect of Experience on Rodeo Injury

Content validity of the Rodeo-SCAT

Rodeo Catastrophic Injuries and Registry: Initial Retrospective and Prospective Report

Agreement Statement From the 1st International Rodeo Research and Clinical Care Conference

Bull Riding Injuries in Professional Rodeo: Data for Prevention and Care

Epidemiologic Analysis of Injury in Five Years of Canadian Professional Rodeo

Epidemiologic Analysis of Injury in One Year of Canadian Professional Rodeo

Retrospective Review of Pectoralis Major Ruptures in Rodeo Steer Wrestlers

The Relationship of Anthropometric and Physical Performance Characteristics on Competitive Success in Amateur, Elite, and Professional Rodeo Athletes

Surgical Management of Latissimus Dorsi Rupture in a Steer Wrestler

A Comparison of Injury Rates in Organised Sports, With Special Emphasis on American Bull Riding

Pudendal Nerve Entrapment in a Bareback Rodeo Cowboy: A Case Study

1st Degree Acromioclavicular Sprain, Elevated 1st Rib, or Both? A Case Study of a Rodeo Cowboy

Short-Term Management of Biceps-Tendon Rupture during Competition in Bull Riders

Surgical Management of Latissimus Dorsi Rupture in a Steer Wrestler